Our Technology’s Value Proposition

Double-layer electrochemical capacitors (DLEC), also known as Ultracapacitors or Supercapacitors, are an emerging energy storage technology already being used for applications such as DC motor drives, UPS systems, and electric vehicles.

  • Our technology’s cells are only 0.1-millimeter-thick contributing to a lightweight energy dense Ultracapacitor surpassing anything that has been seen in this sector before.
  • Our DLEC store enough energy to outperform battery technologies and can outperform batteries in several key performance parameters such as power density, cycle life and temperature sensitivity.
  • Our DLEC design is also more efficient and can be manufactured without metals and is environmentally benign relative to the metals in lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium ion batteries.
  • Our technology has achieved the highest energy density values ever reported for Nano carbon material-based Supercapacitors dominated by the electric double layer mechanism, with minimal contribution from any redox-type pseudo capacitance mechanism. These energy density values are comparable to that of the Lithium ion battery.
  • Our new technology provides an energy storage device that stores as much energy as in a battery, but can be charged and discharged in seconds or minutes. We believe that this is truly a breakthrough in energy storage technology.
  • Its high specific capacitance, coupled with low cost and environmental friendliness, offers greater advantages over other transition-metal oxides that are currently being used for this purpose.