What we are up to

We are a start-up based in Johannesburg designing and manufacturing a robust and world’s thinnest Ultracapacitor cell at 0.1mm thick built on nanotechnology and proprietary process. It stores as much energy as in a battery but can be charged and discharged in seconds or minutes. It has the highest energy density values ever reported for nano carbon material-based supercapacitors. Its high specific capacitance, coupled with low cost and environmental friendliness, offers greater advantages over the transition-metal oxides that are currently being used.


We are currently at prototype development and testing phase. We will be embarking on a pilot phase in the 1st quarter of 2020 that we anticipate to last for 18 months and thereupon go into a large scale commercial phase in the first quarter of 2022. At commercialization, Solzen Energy will be the first company in the African continent to manufacture a robust Ultracapacitor technology with the design of the technology and patenting originating from Africa. We will be introducing a revolutionary alternative to all existing storage devices.